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Companies ITG Vietnam was established on the basis of ideology works not only for the purpose of profit, not put profit is the top target, but consider bringing real value to customers, staff employees, contributing to the overall development of the society is the core ideology. In which profit is only one important goal and is the inevitable result of the process of labor and development Company.

Thought mainstream

“Taking people as the root”

“Because of the way for their customers wisest”

“Profit is the inevitable result of the process of labor and development”

The core objective

“Bring the real value for the business community on the basis of innovation and help businesses apply effective solutions advanced information technology”

Core values

■ Creation

We always uphold creativity to make high quality products and the most efficient solutions to customers.

■ Dedication

With the motto branding based on quality and reputation, we are dedicated to serve customers one carefully.

■ Professional

Built environment and professional working style.

■ Respect

Always respectful, creating opportunities for every member of the development possibilities and engage in successful companies.

■ Honesty

Always honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business.

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