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3S HRM- Human Resource Management in the era of digitalization

To pioneer in the digital age, HR have to become the leaders in applying technology to maximize enterprise resources. Applying 3S HRM helps businesses change the way we manage personnel into a modern, professional, automatic way and catch up with the 4.0 trend

3S HRM- Optimize organization’s human resource


Human Resource Management

Update the detailed information about each employee, employee’s insurance management. Human resources warning: shortage, personnel leave, go back to work, report the labor contract expiring in the period ...

Automatic timekeeping management

Besides automatically taking data from time recorder, 3S HRM supports flexibly in reporting time attendance for staff who be at work outside the office by GPS.

Flexible payroll making based on specification

Adopt the actual formula payroll at each unit (pay by work day, product salary). Automatically calculate the salary coefficient for overtime, holidays. Salary parameters,...

Manage in-depth recruitment process

Support HR in planning recruitment, manage candidate profiles, scheduling interviews / examination, storing candidate profiles, recruitment results and analysis report of recruitment situation

Advanced features



• Make a statement of KPI associated with each position: Weight, min score, max score, source of salary data, ...
• Develop evaluation rules between the positions in agencies and units.
• Initiate plan, implement evaluation, finish evaluation.
• Allow importing from xlsx file and export as xlsx, pdf, ...


Building a career path for each employee

Support developing career development plan for the whole system.
• Build a capacity framework that is sticked with the core competencies of the company.
• Develop a comprehensive training plan based on actual capacity.
• Build and associate employee’s loyalty with company.